Teltonika Remote Management System

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Teltonika Remote Management System

The Remote Management System (RMS) enables remote management and monitoring of all Teltonika network devices including RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX routers. The system allows you to reconfigure and collect status information for each device, even if the devices do not have public IP addresses.

More info about RMS

Try RMS for free by clicking on this link to register your free 30-day demo account!

When you purchase 1 license, you activate RMS for one month per device.

Features and Benefits:

Centralized system:
Option to control and monitor multiple devices in one clear application. Compatible with web browsers running on all platforms without the need for additional plug-ins.

Firmware configuration and update
Allows you to deploy a template of a preset configuration and upload the current FW into multiple devices at once. Remote access significantly reduces the system maintenance costs and saves you time.

Access and security
Communication between your routers and the master server is secured by OpenVPN, which does not require configuration and protects the communication channel from unauthorized access.

Maintenance and diagnostics
Users can get information to help locate the device's location. They can monitor the temperature, signal strength, and all device information. You can remotely restart the device or download the event log file for a detailed problem analysis, etc.

Based on statistical data, you can quickly change the configuration, to improve the availability, performance and efficiency of your entire network. You have an active overview of the behavior of the entire network.

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