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What are the benefits of a home wallbox?

Before buying an electric car, most owners ask themselves how they will charge their car. Today, the network of charging stations is still expanding. You can charge your electric car at petrol stations, in public car parks or in car parks at supermarkets. But there is also a very convenient way to "recharge your electric car from the comfort of your home" by attaching a home wallbox to the wall of your garage.

What is a wallbox?

Wallbox is a wall charger that you install on the wall in the garage. Thanks to the degree of protection IP54, the home wallbox is durable and also suitable for outdoor use. You can install it for example on the wall of the house or in a free space on a stand that is anchored to the ground (pole mount). One of the biggest advantages of this charging is that in the evening you connect the car to a home charger and in the morning you have a fully charged car. This eliminates the need to recharge your car for tomorrow's trip.

How does the wallbox work?

The home wallbox charges your electric car up to 10 times faster than it would from a classic 230V socket. At the same time, the device can monitor the utilization of the entire domestic electricity network and thus adjust the charging times to the time with lower tariffs. Some stations communicate with a remote server that allows user authorization and management, diagnostics, and performance management. A three-phase connection, a type A circuit breaker, which protects circuits and people from electric shock, will definitely be needed for charging to work properly. It also protects against fire, as the main protector of a house or apartment or as protection against leakage currents. If the leakage current exceeds a certain limit (normally 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA), the protector switches off and disconnects the protected circuit.

We offer home wallboxes with a single cable Type 2 (Mennekes) or Doublebox with two integrated cables Type 2 (Mennekes), or a wallbox only with a socket without a cable. These wallboxes from the Czech company Olife Energy are of a modern design and, thanks to their IP54 protection, you can also have them installed outdoors, for example under a shelter.

Advantages of wallbox charging station

With a home charging station, you save your time and charge your car safely in the complete comfort of your home.

The station will ensure the stability of consumption for your property, the running of the household during charging is not endangered, you can use household appliances and charge your car at the same time.

However, the home wallbox also has one administrative hurdle. It is not a classic home appliance like an electric kettle or a television. The installation of the wallbox charging station may be carried out by an authorized person (with professional competence according to Decree No. 50/1978 Coll.). Subsequently, the entire installation must be inspected. In addition to providing the above-mentioned installation revision, securing the installation project also offers assistance in processing the subsidy application for the purchase of a wallbox for a family house or for an owner from SVJ.

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