What is Switch?

Switch is a device, which connect multiple devices in single network using LAN ports creating a network topology. Switches coordinate data flow on the network between individual receiver in one network. They send data to the LAN ports for which the data is intended. The switch cannot create subnets and other complex topologies. For this purpose a router must be used. It is an active network device that can create various networks and subnets, communicates with external networks (Internet access) and creates local network and subnet security.

Teltonika TSW200 Switches

Network topology describes the deployment of network elements (routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, etc.) in computer networks.

Home routers contain LAN ports for wired connection, WiFi receiver / transmitter for wireless communication and can connect your devices (TV, printer, computer, etc.) in the network. If you have bigger amount of devices in one network, but the router does not have enough LAN ports, you will use the switch, which will ensure the extension of the network by another active device.

Some switches are equipped with PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, which allows power supply devices that are connected to the network via an Ethernet cable and data transmission. PoE switches minimize the number of cables in a computer network and also saving you the cost of power supplies and cabling.

Another features of the switch are VLAN, which ensure the division of the computer network into logical units, and QoS (Quality of Service) technology, which ensures a fair distribution of bandwidth among connected clients, thus avoiding congestion(overflow) of the switch and reducing the quality of data transmission.

Switches are most often equipped with ports:

• 10 / 100Base-T this port achieves a transfer rate of 100Mbit / s
• 10/100 / 1000Base-T, its maximum transfer rate is 1000 Mbit / s
• SFP allows the connection of optical cables

SECTRON offers several types of industrial robust switches with different speeds and number of LAN or SFP ports.

Teltonika TSW100 Switch

There are a number of network devices on the market for communication and data transmission:


• Used to strengthen the signal
• Receives and strengthen the signal, has no memory
• Allows you to increase the distance between nodes (stations) of the network


• Smart hub
• Sends a signal only to the ports for which the signal is intended
• Also works with a routing table (CAM table -> finds out the MAC address and puts it in the table for a port, when then some data comes to a certain MAC address, so it looks up the address in that table and sends it via that port)
• Multiport device


• Connects large computer networks - various types of local networks, connection of local networks to large networks, etc.
• Smarter than a bridge
• The router routes in networks according to IP addresses
• Communicates with the WAN

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Teltonika Switch TSW100

Teltonika Switch TSW100 [GM-TSW100]

Teltonika TSW100 PoE Switch is equipped with five Gigabit Ethernet ports, four of which support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at Power-over-Ethernet standards (PoE).

85.10 EUR Without VAT
Teltonika Switch TSW200

Teltonika Switch TSW200 [GM-TSW200]

Teltonika TSW200 - industrial Ethernet PoE switch is equipped with two SFP ports for connecting optical cables and eight Ethernet ports that support and IEE802.3at Power-over-Ethernet standards.

109.25 EUR Without VAT
Teltonika Switch TSW110

Teltonika Switch TSW110 [GM-TSW110]

Teltonika TSW110 - industrial Ethernet PoE switch is equipped with five Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports with data download speeds of up to 1 000 Mbps.

52.90 EUR Without VAT
New item Teltonika Switch TSW210

Teltonika Switch TSW210 [GM-TSW210]

Teltonika TSW210 - industrial Ethernet switch is equipped with two SFP ports, which are used to connect optical cables and eight Ethernet ports.

92.00 EUR Without VAT
Teltonika Switch TSW101

Teltonika Switch TSW101 [GM-TSW101]

The TSW101 is Teltonika's first switch designed for use in automobiles. The TSW101 is equipped with five Ethernet ports with a speed of up to 1000 Mbps.

121.00 EUR Without VAT

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