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What was 2020 like in SECTRON?

The year 2020 was one of the most demanding years in our lifetime, influenced mainly by the pandemic situation. The beginning of the new year is an opportunity to look back at the past year and evaluate whether the goals and resolutions that we set were met. Let's take a look at what the last year was like from SECTRON’s point of view.

We expanded to exotic countries

SECTRON antennas succeeded in an energy tender announced by the Italian company Enel which to this day is one of the world's biggest energy giants operating power plants in Europe, Asia and both Americas. Thanks to the cooperation with Seycom Ingenieria SAS, a local partner of SECTRON, we have successfully supplied antennas for the Colombian project of smart power management.

A successful product in Colombia

Omnidirectional rod antenna  AO-AGSM-MG9S designed for signal reception in GSM / UMTS technologies. The antenna works in the 900/1800/2100 MHz bands. It is suitable for the connection to modems / routers. With a proper placement on a ground metal surface, the antenna can increase its gain up to 9 dBi. Thanks to its precise construction it is also suitable for outdoor installation.

Antenna AO-AGSM-MG9S

We have expanded our production with new products

The assortment of HF cable adapters, undles and assemblies were enriched by products with HARTING® connectors which are used for industrial applications that requiring high quality, durability and long life of the materials. HARTING® connectors are used in rail transport, energy and healthcare.

Interesting facts in the e-shop portfolio

In the area of M2M the PLS83-W modem card is worth being highlighted. It is a new product in Thales 2021 portfolio. This new product will be a successor to the PLS8-E mPCIe and it will find its use for example in transport logistics which use data connection in 3G / 4G / 5G network and GPS satellite system.

Among the best-selling communication devices there are the industrial routers from Teltonika. Regarding the developing field of electromobility we can point out the LTE Router RUT955 which has acquired the status of proven (certified?) hardware for remote monitoring, management and control of charging stations. The LTE router R1510-4L from the manufacturer Robustel was once again successfully used in flood protection projects.

Last but not least, we have launched the GSM KEY PROFI 3+ with support for 4G technology and the GSM KEY SMART 3T with an option of remote management thanks to the service.

RFID technology all around us

We developed the RFID Core application which was put into operation and deployed for several customers. The application offers a stable and secure basis for a wide range of client requirements. It is suitable for monitoring company and production processes, warehouses, inventory of workplace equipment up to automated entrance and security gates and attendance systems.

The development department has completed other projects

We have been actively working on the development and improvement of the SECTRON Cloud. platform throughout the year. It addresses the needs of the user who requires remote monitoring of the devices located in the field. The first device connected to the platform was a weather station that allows you to monitor the values of temperature, wind force and direction, air pressure, humidity and rainfall. Our own solution is the connection of a level sensor which is used by the first municipalities as a flood sensor. Together with our other product, the SMS Gateway, the cloud platform can send alert messages from this and other sensors. However, the SMS Gateway is used in many other solutions as well.

Weather station

Do you need an overview of the current weather? The SECTRON weather station and the SECTRON Cloud platform are the ideal solution if you need to measure barometric pressure, outdoor and indoor temperature, outdoor and indoor relative humidity, wind speed and rainfall.


The SECTRON SMS Gateway is a device that enables fast sending of SMS messages using a simple application in SECTRON Cloud. You can send a text message with only three clicks. You can also make text templates in the SMS gateway, create a phone book for users or user groups and use bulk messaging.

New antenna catalogue

It was challenging but it paid off. We finally have the new paper catalog in our hands and the interactive browsing catalog will soon appear on our web. Is electronic not enough for you? Send us a message for paper version and we will be happy to send it to you. We believe that you will be amazed as well.

The electrical future of SECTRON is here

SECTRON is at the beginning of its transformation of the company's fleet into an electric fleet. We took advantage of the offer of the subsidy titles Electromobility and Electromobility II and bought the first two electric cars and a DC charger. In a few years we would like to replace all business combustion vehicles with electric ones. We have also dedicated the range of products in our e-shop to electromobility. You can already buy the first charging cables or portable AC chargers which you can use both at home or anywhere outside the network of public quick chargers.

 The first Volkswagen ID.3 delivered to a customer in the Czech Republic wears SECTRON colors..

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